Warehouse Investigations

I never planned on working in a warehouse, but since my uncle owns one that does business with Amazon, he offered me a good paying job while I finish up school. I’m studying criminal justice right now, and haven’t yet decided if I want to become a lawyer, or do something much more exciting like work in law enforcement, or maybe even the FBI. 

Working at the warehouse is really just something that pays the bills for me, but things have gotten a whole lot more interesting in the last couple of months. My uncle always had a high turnover rate at his warehouse, but I didn’t realize just how many swindlers he had working for him, until I saw it with my own two eyes. I’m Mark Gorgan, and this is Warehouse Investigations. 

About the Author

Hey everyone and welcome to Warehouse Investigations. I’m Mark Gorgan, and when I’m not in class, studying, or working at the warehouse, you can find me playing video games and traveling across the country. My uncle works with Amazon and he has warehouse locations across the U.S. When I started to tell him the things I was seeing at his Cincinnati warehouse, he thought I could be helpful uncovering even more at his other locations. 

At one time, I thought I would continue on to law school, but the more I uncover working in the warehouse, the more I think working with the FBI, or maybe even as a private investigator would be more up my alley. 

I used to think that I was breaking some sort of warehouse guy code by reporting the things I was seeing and hearing to my uncle, but I’m a firm believer in doing what’s right, and when people break the law it makes my blood boil. Consider this blog my own personal form of justice in exposing these criminals for what they are. 

The Warehouse Shenanigans You Need to Know

You might be surprised at some of the products we pick to be packaged and sent off to consumers across the country, and as you can imagine, not every warehouse worker is as honest as you would expect them to be. 

At this point, I’ve been working for my uncle for the last three years and I can’t even begin to tell you how many people have been fired for theft. But that’s not all! I’ve uncovered money laundering, drug crimes, sex crimes, issues with our payroll staff, countless accidents, and so much more. Sometimes, I think to myself that my uncle would be better off just firing everyone and starting from scratch, that’s how serious the issue is. 

Obviously, that isn’t realistic, so I’m working with my uncle to revamp the warehouses, uncovering and exposing all the miscreants that need to be let go. Check out my blog to find out more about the crimes I uncover, rumors I hear, and maybe even a little bit about legal action we take against these dishonest employees.